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A strong speech in politics can give rise to a new nation. An experienced orator will understand the need for speech to be inspiring. Being able to give an impressive speech in politics is an essential part of a successful politician’s life. A powerful speech can rouse emotions in the listeners that even they may not be aware of. Election time is an exciting time for the politicians but a tedious time for their electorate.

Politicians without professional speech writers tend to fall back in the run-up to the election. We do acknowledge that not every politician can employ a professional speech writer too. However, with the innovative Politichese iPhone app it has become incredibly easy to write awe-inspiring speeches faster.


Politichese is an excellent speech writing app for iPhone and iPod Touch. The Politichese iPhone app features an impressive 268 million and more combinations so you can impress your audience effectively.

Not only politicians, the Politichese specch app on App Store is a handy tool for professional orators, top management who need to speak on stage frequently and for every one else who wish to impress their friends with an amazing speech on any occasion.

What is Politichese used for?

Politichese is designed to provide you with an impressive speech on the go. These are some of the most common reasons and scenarios that prompted millions of people all over the world to choose Politichese as their speech writing app for iPhone:

  • Politicians who have an upcoming speech.
  • Professional public speakers needing a new speech.
  • Estimating your opponent’s points to prepare effective rebuttals beforehand.
  • Wishing to save expense of hiring/employing professional speech writers.
  • Cannot afford to hire/employ expert speech writer.
  • Drafting grammatically correct letters and emails.
  • Writing sophisticated responses online.
  • Preparing arguments and speech with respect to your political leanings (center left or central right)

What makes Politichese an excellent Speech App for iPhone?

Politichese has been created not only for professional and frequent public speakers it is also designed as an entertainment app. You can use Politichese to generate a “typical” political speech just for the fun of listening to it with your friends and friends for a laugh.

Immense database of phrase combinations

It has an enormous database of over 268 million combinations for phrases and allows you to generate a unique speech on almost any topic with a simple tap on your iPhone screen.

Save and share easily

Politichese allows you to save your best phrases under the “Favorites” section. Not only this, you can also easily share your speech and favorite phrases with friends and families using email.

Expert speaker experience

Use Politichese to generate responses for any topic, anywhere. Respond with sophisticated sounding words to impress your listeners at social or official events, much like a politician without being one.

Features and Specifications of Politichese Speech App for iPhone

These are the specs and features of the Politichese speech generating app for iPhone users worldwide:

  • Charges – EUR 1.59 (USD 1.81)
  • Size – 412.4 KB
  • App Store Category – ‘Entertainment’
  • Useful for – Improving oratory skills/Entertainment
  • Features – Over 268 million combination of mainly political phrases/Generates new and impressive speech every time/Instantly save and easily share favorite phrases with friends via email
  • Designed for Use with – iOS 4.0 or over (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)
  • Language – Italian

Link – https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/politichese/id317202490?mt=8


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