Best Weight Loss Apps for iPhone in 2019

Today weight loss is an essential activity for millions of us sadly. Genes, lack of exercise and today’s fast-paced lifestyle tends to affect our health by accumulating excess and unwanted body fat. However, with a strict diet and a precise workout routine you can actually lose it successfully and get in shape effectively.

Thanks to the prevalence of iPhones, there are millions of people connected with a range of effective fitness and health apps today. Although there are loads of weight loss apps on the App Store that help track your weight loss journey excellently we have helped make the choice for the best-suited weight loss apps for iPhone in 2019 for you.

Read on to know a little more about these choice weight loss apps for iPhone in 2019 and then decide which is the best iOS app for weight loss as per your needs.

1 – Fitocracy – Fitness Collective

Fitocracy – Fitness Collective is a highly-recommended weight loss app for iPhone users in 2019. This is an incredibly popular fitness app and platform that connects you with thousands of others who want to lose weight and stay in shape. Fitocracy app has won multiple awards till date for innovation in health and fitness, thanks to the immense flexibility it offers for operating and managing your workouts as well as the vast experience it provides with stories from other Fitocracy users all over the world.

Fitocracy – Fitness Collective weight loss app for iPhone allows you to workout under expert trainers, customize and track any form of workout schedule and connect with innumerable fitness enthusiasts just like you, for the drive and motivation we all need to keep fit.

Features and Specifications of Fitocracy – Fitness Collective

These are the top features that makes Fitocracy – Fitness Collective a popular and effective iPhone app for weight loss and fitness:

  • Charges – Free (In-App Purchases included)
  • Size – 52.6 MB
  • App Store Category – ‘Health & Fitness’
  • Useful for – Workout and Weight Loss
  • Features – Powerfully fast/Incredible Flexibility/Built-In Free Workout Routines/Fitness Team membership/Fitness Community connectivity/Sync with RunKeeper/Achievements & Quests challenges
  • Designed for Use with – iOS 8.0 or over (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)
  • Languages – English

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2 – Lose It! – Calorie Counter

Lose It! – Calorie Counter is an incredibly productive iOS app which helps with not only losing extra weight but also helps to maintain your fit body too. This excellent calorie counter has over 35 Million users worldwide only requires you to put in your profile and the weight range you are aiming to return to and the app will take care to track every bit of calorie you intake every day. The Lose It! – Calorie Counter is excellent as it not only tracks your daily calorie intake it also helps keep a record of your physical activities throughout the day to determine your calorie level in real-time.

Lose It! – Calorie Counter has proven successful for millions of global users who have noticed a remarkable loss in weight in around 3 days of using it.

Features and Specifications of Lose It! – Calorie Counter

Check out the impressive specs which makes Lose It! – Calorie Counter get ranked in our list of best weight loss apps for iPhone in 2019:

  • Charges – Free (In-App Purchases included)
  • Size – 212.4 MB
  • App Store Category – ‘Health & Fitness’
  • Useful for – Tracking daily calorie consumption/Weight Loss
  • Features – Bar-code scanner for food items/Snap It for Food Log/Measure & Manage Micro and Macro Nutrients/Fun Food Challenges/Motivations Group Challenges/Meal Targets/Meal Planning/Sync with Fitbit, Misfit, etc
  • Designed for Use with – iOS 10.0 or over (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)
  • Languages – English, Burmese, Dutch, Filipino, French, Hebrew, Indonesian, Japanese, Laotian, Norwegian Bokmal, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Hong Kong Chinese, Arabic, Cambodian, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, German, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Malay, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Swedish and Vietnamese.

Link –!-weight-loss-program/id297368629?mt=8

3 – Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club is dubbed as the Ultimate Personal Trainer for a good reason. It has over 185 free workouts covering a wide range of techniques – from endurance and strength to yoga and mobility. In addition, globally-recognized Nike Master Trainers provide instructions for every workout. Not only this, the Nike Training Club weight loss app for iPhone also allows you to follow workout routines of some of your favorite global athletes.

The Nike Training Club is an excellent app for fitness enthusiasts with very little time on their hands for their regular workouts. This app gives sufficient short workout tips to cover your daily exercise requirements easily.

Features and Specifications of Nike Training Club

These are the specs of the Nike Training Club weight loss and fitness app for iPhone users to get professional-guided workouts and reach their fitness goals effectively:

  • Charges – Free
  • Size – 163.9 MB
  • App Store Category – ‘Health & Fitness’
  • Useful for – Workouts and Exercising
  • Features – Short workouts (15-45 mins)/ Professional guidance/Body-focused workouts/Specific Workouts for Mobility, Strength, Endurance, Yoga and Boxing/Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Levels/Low, Moderate & High Intensity Workouts/Body Weight, Light or Full Equipment Mode/Rep-based & Time-based choice
  • Designed for Use with – iOS 11.0 or over (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)
  • Language – English, Dutch, German, Italian, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Portuguese, Swedish, Spanish, Thai and Turkish.

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4 – Fitbit

Fitbit still remains one of the best weight loss apps for iPhones even in 2019. The trusted watch aside, the Fitbit fitness app is excellent for use with other personal iOS devices too. This world leading app is designed to be your own personal expert health and fitness instructor who is with you, literally 24/7. Fitbit offers a wide range of basic and customized specs and features that help you organize the best-suited and most effective workout regiment, monitor your health status and even manage your sleep to get your body in shape and keep it that way too.

Fitbit, with its excellent features has become the top favorite weight loss app for iOS worldwide today.

Features and Specifications of Fitbit

These are the efficient features and specs of Fitbit that makes it a globally popular and excellent iOS app for weight loss:

  • Charges – Free
  • Size – 200 MB
  • App Store Category – ‘Health & Fitness’
  • Useful for – Workout and Fitness
  • Features – MobileTrack helps monitor everyday physical activities/Run smarter with MobileRun/Record workouts with Fitbit tracker/Monitor heart rate/Barcode scanner for Food Log/Customize and set personal exercise, weight and nutrition goals/Organize sleep better/Share achievements online/Automated motivational tips/Manage weight loss effectively
  • Designed for Use with – iOS 10.0 or over (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)
  • Languages – English, French, Italian, Korean, Swedish, Dutch, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Spanish

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Check out all of these top-featuring and best weight loss apps for iPhone available in the App Store now and reach your weight loss goals and fitness destinations faster and more effectively.